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Little Moles Cubes


If you love the Little Mole, you need this game! If you do not know him yet, you will love him, believe us! :-) This game is suitable for children age 2-5.
Welcome to the world of the Little Mole. Favorite children stories character has arrived on Android. Whether Little Mole is your beloved childhood friend or not, you now may enter his world and help him in his adventures. The art of the game is based on original drawings by Zdeněk Miler, who created the character in 1956.
Game StyleThis game works exactly like cubes - there are several images that you put together by taping on virtual cubes. There's no level structure - you can choose any of 24 original artworks to play with. After completing each image, you get a cute animation that can be repeated by tapping on it.
Game Features: - 24 images to play with each including a cute win animation- based on the drawings of Zdeněk Miler, original creator of Little Mole - very simple gameplay suitable even for the little ones - original music suitable for children and parents alike
Did you know? Little Mole is one of a few cartoons who actually was in space. On April 19, 2011 plush toy of Little Mole went to orbit onboard Endeavor Space Shuttle, with US astronaut A. J. Feustel. They both made it safely back on June 1.
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